My dear patients, I receive messages every day that you want to see me, but there are difficulties with the appointment due to the peculiarities of my work. I am so glad that YOU NEED me❤️

But, as much as I would like, due to my high workload, unfortunately, I can’t accept everyone yet, but maybe soon I will please many of you. 🧚‍♀️

What I can offer you now, which alternative to admission is online informed consultation ☎️

At the online consultation, we will do the same as at the appointment in the clinic:

✅ we will analyse all your previous tests
✅ I will collect your data
✅ we will decide on further steps
✅ I will create a clear action plan for you regarding further needed steps,
which will detect the problem, allow us to correct it and prepare for the next meeting with your baby🤱

Before online consultation, you need to prepare all your tests at the moment, fill out the questionnaire and at the appointed time wait for the online meeting in a format convenient for you 🛎️

Everything is very simple!))

You can sign up for an online informed consultation by writing to me in direct ⤵️

Facebook: Olena Mozghova


Instagram: Olena Mozghova MD

Do not hesitate, write to me!

Online slots are very limited!
I will be happy to help each of you ❤️