Second opinion

Second opinion or «External Expert’s opinion»
What it is? And why is it necessary?🤔

Since I work in a medical center that is focused on the service and treatment for foreign patients, I do not aim to recruit patients and impose the treatment patterns of a particular clinic. 🤫
I have experience working in several leading private gynecological clinics, adhere to international patient management standards, implement my activities according to the highest ethical standards, therefore

I can offer an independent expert view of your situation. 🤓

☝️You are worried about whether the diagnosis was made correctly and, accordingly, the treatment plan was prescribed.
☝️ You have different opinions of doctors regarding diagnoses, and you doubt which of them is correct.
☝️ You have been treated for a long time, but there is no result and the tactics do not change

Get a consultation to make the right decision or make sure you’re on the right path to solving a problem. ❗️
A second opinion from an independent expert will improve understanding of the situation. 💯🧚‍♀️

You can sign up for an online informed consultation by writing to me in direct ⤵️

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